Ozomatli – La Segunda Mano lyrics

La Segunda Mano

El sendero que viajamos
Si luz no puedo ver
En esta encrucijada esperamos renacer
Y después quiero aprendimos decisión para escoger
A mi duele lucha entre la flor y el machete
No tengo otro remedio mas si ahuecarlo a las cuetes

La segunda mano
Ya te pegara en la frente

Check it out ya’ll
Ok here’s a case in point
Jab walked in slow, quick cased the joint
That’s when he seemed to play the cool, pero
Heard all the homegirls scream go Vero
Ahem--con permiso
Then everything stopped like a free throw
Free flow for the next three months
She’s so sprung he don’t even know what he wants
Invest in the best thing best bet
But he always found him in other girls wrestling
In debt to the karma cops
And they don’t care if he drunk, broke, poor—they collectin
Thought I paid up, Wait up
My girl home early from work, I’m later
That’s as inner scandalous as it gets
Lost my good thing now I’m burned, its regrets

La segunda mano
Ya te pegara en la frente

Should of seen how this girl had me
Met her online, said her name’s “happy”
What you do?
Would’ve gladly asked her on a date
Sent my page to your friends
she said “add me”
No doubt took her to a lounge
She had on high heels, ten toes out
Then she wood me with the Hollywood crowd
Asked about my anti made pepper jack
I said I rhyme, I rapper up-and-comer
Then she said
“Cool, but do you have a hummer?”
No, “You gotta get a grill”
What for? Did about face
Walked right out the door
Tried to catch me broke or jimmy choosin
Let the perm out, try to catch me crusin
Yup, that’s the deal sunshine
A digger in the gold, no friend of mine

La segunda mano
Ya te pegara en la frente

And now the break…Come on!
Just clap your hands
Just do your dance
Just clap your hands
Just do your dance
I know you think this beat is fresh
Homeboys and the ladies too
Same thing that you put out there
Gone’ all come back to you
So it’s time for ya’ll to hit the flo’
Where everybody gon’do that dance
Just the minute the first hand missed
Then beware of the second hand like this!

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