Capital STEEZ – Clear The Air lyrics

Album: King Capital

This for my sumchin's
I'm on my 347 shit

It's word love
King Capital

[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]
So let me clear the air
I can't help but stare
But your derrière lookin better and I swear
It's unfair you don’t think that it’s sincere
Now I got you worked up and we're both grinding gears
It's been a year so I know you really need that
Girl, I'm a Big Boi but I'mma keep it 3 Stacks
We gon have to recap I'mma let you meet Cap
And I can already read your mind so just relax
And I tried to be a gentlemen for once
I'm tryna cut back and let me take you out to lunch
I hate to interrupt
So lets discuss the best of both worlds with a blunt
If that's really what you want
These last few months I learned about the future
Lifestyle lucid, we can live a little looser
Capital the light bearer, let me introduce ya
You can be my snake headed queen like Medusa
[Sampled Hook]

You know he hung out there on cavalry
He hung his head, he bled him down
The price of love
Heartaches and pain

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
So she asked me how did our paths meet
Then it all came back to me last week
Actually you had to be a majesty in temperature to capture me
That's why they call it fire alchemy
Girl cuz we cooler than babylon
But I deserve that fly shit with ballers that carry on
S could feed you fish and the orders are caviar
'Till I transcend with the long-lost Avatar
Know I ain't expect to have it all
But girl I gotta make it back to work when the cameras call
That's until I find another way to get cash involved
And you can focus on all the sketches you had to draw
Cause we gotta keep it sacred
It's like mythology in line within The Matrix
Keep communication, I promise we gon' to make it
As long as we're patient and we put it into placement

[Sampled Hook]

[Verse 3: CJ Fly]
Was gon' say namaste but fuck it, now I'mma stay
Finish your lines, I guess that's fine for her race
I admire your pace
It ain't gon' be no other guy in my place
Thinking it's how she said it's hurting, she acquired the taste
Lost her mind, left to look for it - I guess I'll stay
Honestly, I tried to realize that I couldn't wait
Sometimes I wonder why I fucked with her
Solely be in love with her
Ain't 'nough trust in her
So I guess I'm just some dumb nigga
Care for public affection, but still wanted private time
Love is blind, it's probably why we ain't see eye-to-eye
Hate it when you would try to lie or cry
Always thought that I would hurt you, then you realized I ain't that type of guy
Now you might have developed hate for me
When it comes to playing the victim, she sell the role like a bakery
Trusting one thing that you won't take from me
What the future withholds for us, I guess that we just gotta wait and see

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