Capital STEEZ – Death to The Industry* lyrics

Album: King Capital

The lyrics will be completed upon the release of "King Capital". Stay tuned

[Verse: Capital STEEZ]
Based down, 8th loud with amazing sounds
Peep the last joint I told you I'm gone make them proud
Tell them other cats we got a hurricane in town
Thought Hip-Hop was dead, now we breaking grounds
Zombies where my heart beats march free
? now we don't raise harm, we raise arms calmly
And sound waves like tsunamis
Sure hits, fuck Billboard hits
I don't need to go Diamond to spit raw shit
I don't need blood diamonds to feel more rich
Just for kicks, if you shining I'll steal your kicks
So who gonna stop us if poverty can't
Then gives us time [?]
Or at least recognize me as a quality man
I got drive, niggas couldn't walk a mile in these Vans
Wordplay needed first aid
So good with the verbs it was almost seamless
Realized I was a genius
And stopped giving a fuck 'bout my third grade teacher
They said I lack the pedigree
But degree of penmanship I'm shitting on the industry
So homie what you telling me
It's power to the trinity and death to the industry

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