Capital STEEZ – Up Above lyrics

Album: AmeriKKKan Korruption: Reloaded

[Produced by The Entreproducers]

[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]
I said check this who you wanna try and flex with?
My senses say you're stressin' cause we haven't digressed yet
Climbing the ladder while supplying rhyme patterns
That perhaps been scattered in my mind since back then
The backwoods, had to make a classic so matches
Is like magic, mix the spinach with the cabbage
In fact I copped a few caps from the shroom patch
Guess who's back with new raps smothered in boom bap?
Assume cap, flipped it back like eyelids
To show him how I live, now she's blowing down twigs
They both thin and they look like twins
I'm using my aura power to overpower the feds, shit
And act like I never know enough
Thought it was a joke until the numbers started showing up
Roll it up and steam with the STEELO lean
All green you would think it was casino theme man
And its a different rhythm every time
Had to switch the signs just to let designers send their signs
Adjust the frequency divine how we synthesize
13 steps let the enterprise synchronize
And welcome back to the block cuz
Smokin' 47 blunts a day like true Rastas,
The blunt doctor, so if you got a minor cough
Mary Jane can fix your lungs up proper
[Verse 2: Dirty Sanchez]
The dankest haze and some expensive J's
Got a French maid, made to swank the braids
Baby I'm a renegade call me Che Guevara the red beret
Now we blendin' jade seeing numbers like a Yellow Page
Asian shorty with the slimmest tights
You could spend the night
And I could see what kind of shit you like
I'mma hit the dutch and you could get the pipe
Just to get the record straight she spits on my mic
Bamboos like smoking it twice
47 blunts passed I never choked in my life
I hope it's alright me and STEEZ is poking your wife
I get the purple mix it with sprite
Visions of indigo nights that's why they call me dirty
Don't even try to throw no curve in this baller's derby
12 grams in this canister we opened up a can of worms
Now we only chirping at these birds if you dumb and flirty
You heard me

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