Ofra Haza – My Aching Heart lyrics

Album: Shaday

I thought by now I'd forget
Give me a sign
I wanted more than the pain you left
It's here all the time
You're so out of reach,
A disappearing star
And still, when you look at me
You tear me apart

When you flow through me
Surround me and light the dark
Brand me and leave your mark
My aching heart
Is breaking again

We've turned the page,
And the summer's gone
Turning to fall
Memories paint the pictures like dreams
I hear you call
Was it only a dream
When you made love to me
And you filled my soul
made me whole
And watched me cry
My aching heart

And floating somewhere
You're there between pain and tears
Between my love and fear
Where no-one hears
And I've got nothing
No strength left to watch you fall
Nothing left at all

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