Ozomatli – Pensando En Mi Vida (English Translation) lyrics

Thinking about my life

Always thinking about my well being
I don’t suffer from things in my society
Never looking for the truth
I don’t spend time with the things in this community
I’m happy knowing that I don’t know
Ignorant of the surrounding life
But now I notice that my happiness
Is diminishing with society

Now in my life
I don’t see my old life continuing
And this makes me weary

All of the people full of fear
Killing and dieing everywhere
Blood and death and the worst
My life no longer becomes better
Thinking about my life and what I didn’t do
I endure the worst, and it causes my kids to be sad
My son lost his life
Fighting against these injustices

I could have been something better
now my life is full of regret
Now my family lives worse off
For eternity I will live in dread

I don’t see my lovely life continuing

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