Pro Era – Butterflies lyrics

Album: The Shift

[Intro: Dirty Sanchez]
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh

[Verse 1: Dirty Sanchez]
The sky ain't the same no more
Clouds identical to poison chemical trails
Keep your eyes open
Kids, eat your vegetables
School, I never had principles
Bought a rap blown like 5-0's In front of pigs, stopped, they said
I'm hot headed, make thermometers pop
Not up to par, no cigar, mad papers and
Jah, jah bless though, I'm not alone
They tappin our phones so they know where the best go
You in the presence of stars, now Little Dipper
Haters are haters, I love you lil' niggas
Have Roka snuffin' your jaw
Call him Rokamouth, Dirty ragamuffin not for nothing I been knockin' out
Negative energy, either brothers or enemies
My cargo far, your cargo short lack longevity
I, treat my bitch like a letter, I just let her go
Sincerely, me before I blow
It's Dirty
[Verse 2: Rokamouth]
So I try to survive without money But I'm making my music
And you know the game is funny Entertain and abuse it
Niggas Stupid rich while I'm hungry, and I study this ugly point of view
Like making a crowd move just for honeys
I got G's overdue, that's cheese that's expired
If I'm tired, I'm a lose Rappers gettin' higher
Never hired
What to do, never gonna retire We still minors to the news
Only 20 years old, got full control of you fools
Ahead of you too
Fast maneuvers like computers peep the way that I move
Sample huntin' in the dungeon on a ride to the moon
Keep them waitin' for a tune, I don't know why I do
I'm as starving as you, Guess its just what we choose
I'm just waiting for a plate I escape, got me takin off
Just trying to find my faith As I'm rated off these blogs
Is he even, is he odd, not the meaning of my songs
I'm asking why involved, if you ain't gon' help the cause
I'm speaking life and law , while I'mma have to cut you off
If you ain't gon be thinking small, you gon' stack no bills at all
So 4-7, let us ball
I'mma use my heart, and hold my thought
Make a call, and get a ball one man bank for sure
Once I get my dough, I'll buy a rose gold rope
And hope I don't get got on this one way plot
I came a long way comin' off from my block
And I make sure I won't stop as I chew right through your spot
Won't have enough 'til we all on top
Better make room, or you gon' get knocked
And no deals say this nigga never ever gets dropped

[Bridge: T'Nah Apex & CJ Fly x4]
Ever gets dropped, no one ever, ever gets dropped
I don't think we know it yet, I don't think we know it yet
We got it all on the line, life's a gamble
A handful of dice and we chose to bet

[Verse 3: CJ Fly]
Ya'll know we 'bout our business cuz we got us some staff
Show 'em what the business cause they gotta be trash
When I got that New Jersey, thought I'd stay right on track
Try to use my train of thought to determine my path
When I drop, it's gonna be like we playin' jacks
Steppin' out the box and no one can tell me jack
And that's just a fact
Sending a message but no this ain't a fax
The future that I manifested, know it is in effect
Gotta disinfect I'm spitting like mucous in my vest
That's something I should get off my chest
And I'm when I'm in L-A-X
The things I'm getting done, that they less
Don’t hear the rest, till they say get on the list
Shoot for the stars from sky like I had subs on the jet
Was never in the same class so let's change the subject
Weed the only substance that was making some sense
Had to leave but realize that you was right where you left
[Verse 4: Dessy Hinds]
Knock, knocking, Mr. Bill Collector
Still don't respect ya cause my skill offends ya
They pour a nigga syrup thinking that he might surrender
Think that they lent this life and title, they 'venge us
Until we blew our brains out and weed just had to vent us
Fees never get us feed and please never get the cheese
These niggas never sleep until it's anesthesiology
With my sorry lease, I'm bound to be driving my mama's V
Tryna come up with a verse for a sound to pile up my G's
Got embedded in genes for a G-Star
Jeans and a fleece warm for the weather in the East tour
Now I got my stories stored in
Rip your vocal cords, recordings
[?] from sortin'
Even when I started this game, I saw ends, lost friends
Met up with my Pro-Era clique
And I ain't ended up in the pen cause I ended with a pen
And that nigga got the time to never hesitate to spin
From spittin' venom with sins cause all the flowers blossom
And all the thoughts you never think, now it's got them
Gotham City

[Verse 5: NYCk Caution]
They never find me in a cell, I ain't Sam Fisher
Grand swishers expand like panned pictures
This is life as a member of what's better
So I just throw the Era up, like a pitcher with bad records, shit
Bigger placement cause my name's inside the dotted line
They never knew I had a shot like Roger's wife
Roger that, I hover high above the citizens
Laid back, sleep, she up blowin like a ceiling fan
All night, while I'm right on top your ribosomes
Pipe and dome that be the appetite too leave the night alone
Chemistry is mentally a vital zone factor
That determine if you make in my life you righteous hoe (?)
Everybody got the stories about the guwop and I was buildin'
I spit freeze like it's ice chillin'
The right life dealer with a price up on his noggin
Pollen and the dollar, about to blossom to a father
I'mma rob for my family, see it in these roots
Tryna beam like a laser, shoot and taser any sabertooth
I'll catch you later, got some paper and a wager too
They take my style bite white like you ate her tooth
Back at like crack addicts, and I don't give a damn your Italian
High life, Sopranos
Die you an asshole, slide through the tackle
Wise words coming out the mind of a pharaoh
Clash of the titans or the the actions stay narrow
I remain the least to see, freedom and the decencies
Man, but I'm still on my shit and I still gotta pay that rent
Still gotta pay that rent, still gotta pay that rent
Still gotta make that cents, still gotta take that, gotta take that
Man, I gotta make that, make that

[Verse 6: A La $ole]
Mind, body and soul, the trinity within me
Time, dollars, and gold still withholds my memory
Remember me? I think we met within a past life
Couldn't remember but I know we was mad tight
We share the same eyes, share the same feet
Share the same spine, I think he is me
This how we live everyday but still might fall
Thank God I realize who I just saw
God-body pieces to the puzzle connected
Never did I doubt it that the energy would manifest it
I'mma treat this beat like a god and I'mma bless it
Till we infected with the music, we gotta stress it
Natural disaster, earthquakes in your city
Add a tornado, add a tsunami, and you still shitty
I'm ill gritty, make a dollar outta two quarters, I'm the real 50
It's no Biggie, it's no Pac, it's no HOV
No Nasir, no Rakim, just Pros taking over your globe
And we here, said we here

[Bridge: T'Nah Apex & CJ Fly]

[Verse 7: Dyemond Lewis]
Niggas want to know where the era been
Cooking up dope with heroin
That's a bar for the homie
I work hard, so progression is seen
Won't be long now until I'm with my African queen
Sippin' fine wine
For now it's grind time
5-0's for my Pros whenever I rhyme
Obstacles is something that I'm familiar with
Kick flipped gaps and potholes for the thrill of it
So, what makes you think I won't have you removed
If you a threat to my future, plus you front on my crew
I don't fear no man claiming to shoot
Because shooters don't talk you know, they busy shootin'
Stupid, you and I, we're somewhat equal
Except your wallet packet with dust, mine stuffed with dead people
I, acquired a taste for white pussy and seafood
Bad habits as always, have to watch what you eat dude
When will the korruption stop?
You hear the caged birds sing
But you won't understand a thing until you stand in this spot
And me? I am not a nice person
I fronted you some, so if you late, I expect extra in reimbursement
So don't take risk, niggas will get pissed
Started growing my dreads cause I don't fuck with Lil Twist
Skinny nigga, pure balance got that tatted on my wrist
Shit, hold up, hold up, alright
Mama named me Dyemond cause I ain't nothin' lesser
I'm like Cole in '09 under way more pressure
Fuck it, I'm way more better
Smoker's Club when I dress up
Rap niggas getting comfy, tell 'em they need to step up
Old niggas embrace us and you'll be way less bitter
I show respect where it's due, to the others - good riddance
It's the motherfuckin' superduper young hot spitter

[Verse 8: Jakk Tha Rhymer]
I keep my thoughts on tracks like the cars of a train
And often look back at just how far we done came
I used to only rap for my friends and family
When I first started off they could still understand me
Thought I must have been the sickest in my family tree
Way they reacted off the spit just like the Pop Rock candy
Kept a youngin' gassed like the family V
Till it was clear what my path and plan to be
Go triple platinum, win about four Grammys
Buy out Def Jam, start a family like a fairy tale
Bet a deaf nigga hear me clearly
I'm deaf so they can't come near me
Unless they coming correct
Put goosebumps on they neck
My mic strong for my mic check
I'm from the Era where the best never miss a step
Tell 'em recognize rhymin', show respect
Around here they gotta give to get

[Verse 9: Kirk Knight]
Hopefully when I sign it
The sonnet that I write bring tears to the Goddess
Regardless, be the bomb through Manhattan projects
All over the globe, I steer fear through the sonic
And tonic that the world wears like a baby's bonnet
Don't talk about change, be about it
I had to reroute my goals and kick it to the curb
And observe that the pros be working your nerves
The highest concern that you ever heard
But I need clearance
I got five on it and you lack perseverance
But I got it and I would like to share
And have no fear, we all got broken dreams
Shall I (?) or kneel but it's so hard to ball these days
Shoes on the other foot and these not my J's
Hey, I got something to say
One of the golden child making the brash decisions
Buildin' the worlds off of glitters and gold
Instead of the realities of riddles and bold
And my team want the meals and we wantin' them both
Because Beast Coast spit will leave 'em in a choke
You can't buy happiness if you're broke off of hope

[Verse 10: Joey Bada$$]
Now I rap circles on rap circles, your team squares
And popsicles, my team's feared obstacles
Impossible to get around 'em
Got'cha surrounded circle the block, drop bicycles wildin'
Take a step back and put it all in perspective
If the pen don't (?) then this law ain't affected
Detached from the objective, flawless perfection
Your flow less projected, let alone detected
Protect your necklace, progress through lessons
Feel the proper essence and prolong this message
Produce the method
Pro tools the session, they heard
Stay progressing is the ancient proverb
Ain't nothin' profound like the sound of (?)
The Providence of a ProGod, that’s my word
Word Domination in process you see
In honor of the Pro STEEZ, we proceed
In honor of the Pro STEEZ, we proceed
Yes indeed

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