Pro Era – Lawns lyrics

Album: PEEP: The aPROcalypse

Super Helpful, man, we try to get down
PE, man, we try to get down
Kirk Knight try to get down
My nigga Kwame man he tryna get down
Bannon he trying to get down
My nigga Chuck, man, he try to get down
Uh, yeah, we try to get down
My nigga Joey Bad trying to get down
My nigga Ala $ole yeah he trying to get down
Pat's trying to get down too
[Verse 1: Chuck Strangers]
Rumor has it is you trying to get down
I call up some of my boys and we come through to your town
Hope your friends look good, my boys got high standard
They dialect is improper, heard your daddy mad rich
He won't mind cause we bargain shoppers
Turn style hoppers, my dick bigger than the operas
She ain't opposed tonight she want to juxtapose
White girl doin black girl poses
She came in my crib, its like half smoke zip, keyboard, condoms box
It's like two of them missing, bitch
Thats how it is when you fucking with musicians
Time ain't doing shit but ticking, it's in your best interest to lick it
Steady trying to get chose, see how hard we ball
We just draft pickin these hoes put the jamie in the freezer
Do the same thing to my flows I got two papes thats two spliffs
Add two bong rips and thats all to the face for my day takes place (augh)

[Break: Joey Badass]
Man these hoes is wicked, pack up an O and zip it
We gon roll it up and twist it, we get lifted

[Verse 2: Joey Badass]
At the moonlight cue the time
Set the mood for the rhyme, I was looking for a pharmaceutical to find
They get me right with the Gods, I roll that shit as tight as a cigar
Q-Tip, Phife, for the pa, left the garage hopped up on the iron horse
I eyeing whores been eyeing for a minute, its fucked up I didn't meant to say so blatant
But right now my head just ain't in the right placement
Looking for a dealer with the dankest to put me highs
To fuck with spaces, while I'm in the basement, so yo don't say shit
I know its past visiting hours, but can I get a lick of this sour?
You see, I really had a bad day I can't think of a better way to finish it but rolling a J
So what do you say? I know you told me to not see you where you rest at
But girl you got the best package, you gotta respect that
Plus I hit you with a text right before I came
Hit that eighth and we'll be straight
Wooh ah, give me this give me that
Joey Bada$$ on the rap attack
Wooh ah, I'm done talking with ya, started runnin this shit when I walked the pitcher
Wooh ah, give me this, give me that, give me dat, bring it back, with the rap
Cause you know I like that, wooh ah
If you hear me one more time up in the sky
Just scream mile high (whooha)

[Verse 3: Kwame]
Bannon bring it back in, when I ascend
Everytime I speak it's like I'm trippling my assets
Sadly for the moment still cashless
Chase can attest, but still got these indie hipster stoner girls all on me
Chuck forewarned me, fuck it, a nigga still horny
Plus the type to have a razor split the spliff and lick it
Keep her roach clips, but don't mess up her acrylics and I ain't.. (one more time)

I ain't even playing with you niggas now, OMG
Yeah, Pro Era, nigga, what the fuck ay
I, I, I, I, I, I, ey, ay whooha!

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