Pro Era – Interlude88 lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E.

I mean … you had me waiting all day
What is it, like threesumthin?
Just for that you should call your girls over, make it up to me, let's have like a threesome
You know Im fucking witcha
Enough talk, lets get to the fucking witcha
And I ain't kidding, and I know you probably thinking "oh, he do this with all his women"
Stop questioning and start living, You need to let go
So open your legs and let my tongue visit the most sacred part of that vessel
You know Im talking bout that … nah I ain't gotta finish
It should be pretty vivid
And I know you probably wishin this night would never end
So lets fuck like we in love and lets pretend we not just friends
You could call me babe, and I'll answer like thats really my name
And I could hold you close as if I was a kid if you was to let go
Look at what I did with just a box of chocolates and a rose
Threw in a few good words and now you can't uncurl your toes
Face full of pillows whenever you try to scream
See the neighbors don't even know my name when its time for me to flee the scene
Leave in the morning, another broken heart on V-Day
One of these girls always lonely, for the shit we do every day
Stay out my cut nigga

Ladies, y'all got to start giving up the pussy
You believe in the bible? You believe in God?
It tell you in every bible, Koran, King James, mooky-mooky, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
All of em say " God created man" Thats right, we was first, we was first!
We gave up a rib, so that y'all could even fucking exist
We didn't give up a rib for " Who you at, how come you ain't coming home, why you always out with yo friends, you ain't got no job, come back here, come back here, let me talk to you"
We didn't give up a rib for that yip-yap shit
We gave up a rib for some PUSSAY!

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