Pro Era – Vinyls lyrics

Album: PEEP: The aPROcalypse

[Intro: Dessy Hinds & Joey Bada$$]
Yo (Yo)
Yo, one two, one two
(One two, one)
Coming live with the crew
(Beast Coast, motherfucker)
Pro Era shit
(He—He got the camera, and...)
Vinyls (Vinyls)
(Dessy, get 'em, boy!)
[Loop Break]

[Verse 1 : Dessy Hinds]
Check, I been flowing
Extra proficiently when the beat blowing out the system
I only trust stereo systems nigga, not the system
Got slicker rhythms, they tryna log on like logarithms
Shit, gimme a beat and a sheet and I'll make a nigga listen
From junior high school, rapping was a precise tool
Never had the luxury of spending guap for nice jewels
Only had the voice of a amateur, so I damaged the hits
When a nigga spit like he took a tip off that cannabis
My nigga Joey handed us the fountain of youth, flow better than fountains
I been wishing well for wishing wells to make my wish true
Bad hoes undercover, they wanna love this brother
Cause I'm known to love the others while I'm under covers
That's just another nigga sitting stoop up in the group
Only making music cause he wanna hear it from the coupe
Y'all niggas got smart off my verses and palindromes
The closest thing y'all caught in my lines was a sickly syndrome
And when it's hunger time, best believe that I'mma eat
Either it's gon' be a she, or she gonna have to give me beats
Put PEEP on repeat when I go hard in the engineering seat
Thinking deep, cause that's how digging deep make niggas not sleep
Circulating anticipation of having niggas waiting
For that album, it's like cutting off your circulation
I used to say I couldn't live without my radio
But in this day and age, all I gotta do is play me doe
I keeps it verbal, Pro Era got that herbal
And joint so hot it makes your body want a thermal
You worry about your song put on rotation
I'm worried 'bout the underground not playing this loud in aspiration
Drop bombs like detonations cause my calculation's stimulatin'
And still y'all waiting, just waiting to start y'all playa hating
And I ain't saying I'm not about the promo
I'm all about these hoes who be shaking it like snow globes

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
It’s the same old hundreds jeans, just another teen
The beard kinda scruffy, but I refuse to cut it clean
Dark chocolate but it's colored green
Forty ounces, red lipstick and yellow submarines
We headlinin' like tape-ups
These lady cops are flashing headlights like a-cups
And Kirk said them hipster girls gone wild
So I'm proud to say we sending shirts outta style
70k and my inbox filled up
Firewalls, I got my empire all built up
I know Rome wasn't built in a day, I live where I lay
Roaming, rolling stone that begins with an A
Nomadic, know him as the flow addict
Buzzing in your ear like headphone static
Attack of the Clones like drones crashed landed
So I know we ain't alone on this planet
It's Bruh Man from the 5th dimension, I got these bitches stressing
I never love 'em, I just balance out they imperfections
So skip the questions, don't worry about what chick I'm texting
She only virgin a split second, I wrecked it
Came back with the freestyle
And I don't know what I'm gonna say, it's on me now
Dee got the camera, but I ain't got to flash it
Niggas know I blast it, but I don't fuck with acid
Shit, I said I don't fuck with asses
Unless she's go and pass it to the Prodies when I smash it
This one here, I say that's a classic
Niggas call me Steelo, I don't know
[Verse 3: Nyck Caution]
Welcome to the land that make you lock your door
They dig until they spot your core
The cops ignore
You buried in the park by the commodores
Navy fleet plunging
We pray the peace coming
But they aim and release
Play and scheme, leave our dreams gushing
Flaws never mentioned when it's Nyck
And these floor measurements need to elevate a bit
So celebrate and wish
You can spend a day with all of us
Drink the Chardonnay and then I excavate her clit
Damn I be dirty, Jay keep it rocking if I send him bricks
Profit for my partners, we be on that forty-seven shit
I'm socking all of mankind if these dudes try to jack this
Thumb tack slap with a cactus, I crash mad chicks
Because I'm fly ho, it's the live pro
Hydro, keep my eyes low
And this potion got me potent, coast to coast
I'm trying to get that point back like Derrick Rose is
Too cold, my heart is frozen, the scars are showing
Sparta focus and I'm dope like Macaulay Culkin
Yeah, and now they let the hero win, and madame
I just want the whole damn thing or I zero in
Motherfucker, who you thought it was?
It's Nyck Caution from the suburbs
Huh, yeah, like what the fuck you thought it was?


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