Pro Era – Hail Razor lyrics

Album: The Shift

[Verse 1: A La $ole]
I'm running with some of the illest flows
Pro Era bringing the ruckus, we killed them all
Brawl or fall, keeping this shit above it
I buzz like a bumble, drop jaws whenever I rumble
You said you write rhymes, but it sound like you got carpal tunnel
Or arthritis, I might just all night this
This priceless so how you gon' change overnight, kid?
My style all wild, chapow, you floored now
Jump out and stake in my waters until you all drown
Revealing you all now, fake cats get put to sleep
The young vet, we hold the minds that you perceive
I bump shit from Long Beach, I call it treason
My nigga I'll take your soul, kick your shit for no reason
You fools doo-doo, better off being neutral
Cause I go cuckoo, the serial and then I nuke you
Sexy bitch, the kamasutru', I make them useful
Shorties tried to lock me down, but that's that shit I'm used to
This shit is crucial, fuck Facebook, our friends ain't mutual
I won't remove you, I'll just let the karma shoot you
This what the brew do, 40 ounce, I'm fucking with sours
You niggas cowards, softer than towels, the world is ours
[Verse 2: Dessy Hinds]
Check the verbal attack, it's early in the rap
To leave you in a surgical strap
Then get your verse dispursed with a thirst for snipping raps
All killers scrap with a thriller latch
You got a sick beat? My heartbeat sicker, call it a iller batch
They think the RZA's back or the GZA's back or the Jigga's back
Nah sorry to disappoint it's just this nigga killing tracks (Right)
With no complications from this skilled content playing
Leave you contemplating from the combinations of your compilations
And I never fathom just get at 'em with every last atom
Subtract then add em to the battle list
That can't scrap with some animals
Stay with the antidote for those that always have MC fear
For you know the regular Beast Coast
But the coast gonna never be clear
He'll always kill the style because it don't get better by each year
Each other minute a missing life just becomes a leap year
Cause after life it's known we coming after life
Niggas couldn't see him after life
With half the mics he killed in the after life
Could you pass the mic for the train of thoughts of assasin knights?
A shot at every verse with the IllMinded is the one you have to snipe.(Nigga)..
Ughh...What y'all really want?

[Verse 3: CJ Fly]
Ain't ever meet someone iller, then some meat with salmonella
We go in with the flow like salmon in the river
Made so many hits, no catch 22
Gotta drive to get the cake you old bats better batter up too
We got the mitts to beat you
Go ahead or go long
It's me who ya' killin'
I'm always feeling her up
Love letting me hold the cups, shit get frisky
Up for grabs like ooooo I hear the liquid cat's fishy
We'll just wait till this dogs finish his swimming
Catch it when we catch it threw it at me, a conflict in the kitchen
Palms of fingers itching
Figured out if I'm killing 'em then that's gon make me richer
This money ain't a joke I won't play dumb so I won't get it
A instrumental tempo strings to make it come to spin it
The truth I bent it, the rules I bend it
Taking selfies with fans, we 'pendent
Steal your girl, my crew's some fuckin' bandits
Could you imagine in a year I don't have my fucking pendant?

[Outro: CJ Fly] (2x)
Sharp off the tongue like the blade of a razor
Never takin' orders like a goddamn waiter
Reppin' New York like my name Walt Frazier
Man, my mom a angel but I been a hell raiser

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