Ultima Thule – One Eye Open lyrics

How come you know so well, yes
How come your stand´s so right?
I reckon your position full of might.
You take one look and wonder:
Why your world could go so wrong?
While seeing only what you choose to see


You´ve got one eye open
While the other´s still shut tight.
Take a look before you,
To my knowledge you seem blind.

You´ve got one eye open,
Staring one-eyed being blind.
Take a look or just ignore us,
We´re gonna get you from behind from behind

You claim the brand call clever,
But to earn it you must be;
The watcher looking all ways, don´t you see.
While dark clouds drawing nearer
I can feel the fright in you,
Afraid of what your eyes might show you true.

Alone you sit and ponder, alone you sit and stare.
Up above the minder I see your one eye glare.
The eye shut blind look inwards, admiring none but you.
Will you ever look for both sides, will you ever look what´s new?

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