Ultima Thule – Protect And Preserve lyrics

Don't be fooled by promises that sounds so very nice.
Can't you see that lie in their eyes?
We don't want this land ruled by some foreign hand.
Hear us sing for to make a stand

The old man comes and wonder why the future looks so gray.
For this he can't remember making way. All his fighting. All his life

I hate everything they've done
And I hate that morning in their song
But if we sing up loud And stand up strong and proud.
Then that morning never will come

What we've got is not so much, but still it's what we got.
And I think it's worth a lot
Misrules and betrayal beaming out from their crest
Hear us sing anger in our chest
Decisions taken secretly, does anybody care
People say the treatment isn't fair
And we suffer And we care

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