Pro Era – Bun N Cheese lyrics

Album: PEEP: The aPROcalypse

Got it all right, all week and shit uh
Check, check, (turn my level up), check (one time) check

[Verse 1: Kirk Knight]
Ok, vanity and insanity gives me my fuckin peace of mind
Shootin ten millimeters of thoughts, thats just my peace of mind
Give me mine, I gotta go, I gotta eat, I gotta shine
This is my generation, confederation see through lies
Treaties of BB bread me bean bc beegee of fiji water, fuck you coming from?
Dickhead man, you fuckin up, militant or long shot give me bread then I play my part
And apparently parently until I see through dark
To the playground, dont play on grounds until my kingdom comes
And if your body is a temple then let that kingdom come
So check if hell freeze over, then we're all over
Niggas shootin down the range in a Range Rover
Heroin in a range rover (rover) and its all over
[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
Tell me what they want from me?
Fuck that shit, roll up the trees
Life ain't nothing but a lucid dream, but I must admit that I could use the cheese
King Capital, seen so many colors got blackened thoughts
In a psych ward with a mic cord they can't say nothing to him so they backing off
So I snuck in the room like an elephant, you can't hide the truth and that's evident
Take a puff just to find out where heaven is, there's the stuff grind for the smell of it
Giving the cops a reason to stop, got the 47, not the beams and the gloccs
Third eye wide gonna aim for the top
I made that shit from the cream of the crop

[Hook: CJ Fly]
They just mad, cause I'm the nigga that they wanna be, be, be, be, be
This for all the chicks thats even try to front on me, me, me, me, me, me, me
Middle finger to the niggas makin fun of me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me
This for all my niggas that be eatin' buns and cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese

[Verse 3: Aaron Rose]
I said peace to the gods, you know we be cruisin on that highway
Shorty said that Im a big mac, I'll have it my way
Woah, lets not take it so slow, come to the crib and get with a pro
I'm kickin the flows that I pick like a fro
Keep it on swank cause thats how we roll
How we pose, to kill these tracks, I dont even know
My rhymes all dope, white snow for noses
The four for poses, who fake the showbiz
I go nuts, so you niggas roasted
Young King Tut, pharoah to most men
My fly is golden, my eyes is open
Shorty whats the deal, can I get open? I interscope it
I spit so raw, I live in the stars
We chillin on Mars, the king of it all
Spaceborne Boy,, I shine like bald spots
Came through we on top, you niggas is all shocked
I ball by the way my john stocks, can't front on the kid
So you niggas need to fall back, I rip the cages
My savage greatest, never trust hoes these dimes two faced
If you dont know this back to basics, we run this rap shit
No need for racing, face it, no competition could pace this
Young prophets we bless ya graces, from broke to cakin'
We eating good, Flatbush to the world, you niggas shook
Yo, Fly, come through with another hook
Leave them on death row like a nigga Suge

[Verse 4: CJ Fly]
Trying to be a star so when I'm sad I light
I'm satisfied, they just sad its fly
I might not be the first to class if I
Don't rationalize with the hands of time
Spittin every last new line
Feeling like I'm the last in line
Pay your respect and know that the cash is fine.
Mind racing, feeling like the flash inside
The pro Saucy got it by the gram
Became the man by popular demand
We fried and still poppin in ya/ja pan
You shoulda known that I would have had flows damn
What you waitin for? I'm taking off, if you take too long
It ain't my loss, if we ain't involved, ain't my fault
I don't got time to waste on broads
Bombard every time I drop these bomb bars
These calm chords when I drop they want me like concords
I morph whenever they taking time off,
But when its time for it my suit gone be Tom Ford,
Oh, Lord. Need dope shit, my crews your fix
Caduceus when we choose to shift
These gangters stay dumping just like what we do with clips
I admit my doobie boobie and my doobie do be thick


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