Pro Era – Chocolate Strawberries lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E. Vol. 2

Ay yo, what up girl?
Hi Dessy
Ay yo, you hungry?
Hmmm, I could go for a bite to eat, though
Yeah, yeah, me too
So nasty...
Aw man, yeah, yeah, I know, I know

[Verse 1: Dessy Hinds]
Red and white striped tube socks, your short khakis got me feeling happy
The shortest time for the shortest clothes to come off, exactly
I'm feeling nasty if you ask me, I don't kiss and tell
Because my lips are so pink they could match your female genitals
And sweeter than the sweetest smell of Chanel
I told Chanel, your best friend knows Victoria, so can you keep a secret?
I sleep in towels cause the liquid flows inside these sheets
And when I'm feeding your body, I'm always spilling the recipe
And now it's messy sheets due to the feast that we just might complete
Romantic movie magnifies the lusty feelings that I weep
Cause when I sink my teeth into your bone flesh
There ain't no more "Stop papi, that's my spot papi"
Well you know the rest
Looking through my cabinets after sex
The way that walk look it's like I beat that ass up from the back of your dress
Craving for the foods you stay obsessed with
And then you tell your best friend yet again, he got French foods and he can french kiss
[Hook: Dessy Hinds]
But for now, lick your lips and close your eyes for me (eyes for me)
Shake your hips and come and ride for me (ride for me)
Call up your sluttiest friends on your brand new Blackberry
Tell them that we bout to feed them chocolate covered strawberries
Uh, uh, chocolate covered strawberries
Uh, uh, chocolate covered strawberries
What, what, chocolate covered strawberries
We're shaking and baking baby, let's break down these walls of race
Chocolate strawberries, baby I'm hooked again (x3)
Oh you did it, did it, oh you did it
Chocolate strawberries, baby I'm hooked again (x3)
Oh you did it, did it, oh you did it

[Verse 2: Kirk Knight]
Hey mystery girl, we'll clear your history and look past the negatives
Or the hickory, I barked up the wrong tree
Now I'm high on self esteem because I left my muthafuckin' wifey for a couple of dreams
You got the type of shit that leave a nigga mesmerized
No lie, I'd take you to the tombs and have you mummified
And if them niggas say they with you, then they probably lie
I look into your eyes, a familiar eye, I
Love spells, hot mess, but you cleaned your act well
And for the record your body's a smash hit, so
With your heaven-sent self, angel kicks
I had a couple of L's, I hope you're the one I match with
Fire me up, I love your energy
Your crystal clear power you up
Your body close to the steel
Tighten up, walk across the line to get the cash
And check, what you expect, your knight in shining armor gotta dash


[Skit: Kwon Swank]
What's up, I heard you got those chocolate covered strawberries for us
Oh, word, so it all depend on y'all now, are you trying to get freaky for the exchange?
Yes! If we have to
Oh word, so, who moan the best out of both of y'all?
I do!
Haha, let me hear
(Girls moan)
Ok, uh

[Verse 3: Dessy Hinds]
How you like your juicy fruits, blended, dripping?
Water down your mouth, licking, splendid
Glistening cause I'm all about the flavor
But not in your ear hole; I'll suck body parts from your ear lobes
Only since you started, running through my mind with just stilettos
But I'm so settled, even when blow fast like espressos
For the special treatment cause you think there's something that's special
About a nigga that can get your temp raised
Until you found out that he carry more hoes than a Santa Claus catch phrase
Let's make that sex tape and then put it on rewind
And then I'll get you whipped like the cream on your fanny line
When I fast stroke, you'll probably have a fast stroke, fine
And then ask me to take it slow down as I slow down time
Now check it, you wanna be my main squeeze, baby
Don't ya? You wanna give me what I need baby
Won't ya? Picture this bright red color with juicy texture
Like you fed me all the right body language and body gestures

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