Pro Era – Dirty Dancing lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E. Vol. 2

[Produced by Powers Pleasant]

[Verse 1: Rokamouth]
I be always hearing talk of revolution
But the only problem be human evolution
They already started, part em and reduce em
Doesn't even know it but the feds could accuse him
Say his frame loose and still boojing with the stupids
With nothing but gunshots of cupid
Too young for love and proved it
Ever since I met music done gave my heart to it
With plenty of influence from ganja to good trees
Mad sensi weed what put me at peace
With the high grade free to bloom on your streets
All they need to see is we plant a few seeds where the cops can't see
Babylon try to mosh down we
But if we stick together can't touch family
Just a few pro's from a true MC
Mix it like sweeters to let y'all breathe
[Hook: Rokamouth]
So maybe will you be my baby?
You know you drive me crazy
Sumchin' so amazing
Baby, so maybe will you be baby?
You know you drive me crazy
Sumchin' so amazing(x2)

[Verse 2: Jean Deaux]
Heard he a player but I think I like that
Gimme the look and I give it right back
Told him hit me right back
Cause I got it like that
(You got it like that? You gotta like that.)
He hit me like a little dream
Always send me flowers
Cause he got a little cream
It really matters
Cause you know I love the little tings
He say gal Imma need a little taste mami
I said I'm sorry it's gone be a lil wait for me
Hot n heavy you gone get a lil weight from me
Tryna give you sum that'll make your face funny
I go tell you no lie
You had better treat me right
Me could read it in your eyes
Me want all that you got
Can't spare no ties
I been wrote these lines
Like we spent 9 lives


[Verse 3: A La $ole]
She said she wanna listen to some Gladys Knight
Well I'm glad it's night girl, I set the mood right
Like a candle lit dinner, skip the meal I'm within her
Her clothes getting thinner as a nigga would dismember
The buttons on your shirt, your jacket to your skirt
You know pain is pleasure but you like gold hurt
Just a little bit, we can do what you want
Not too crazy but I do what they want
Cause a nigga got talents
She wanna get a pic and profile it
But I'm in it like the bowl where the rim is
Short smokin' hot like she on swishin' or swisha
Backwood that good, put my tree in the trunk call it back wood
Got two packs for the night, we going out to Cali
I bet I'm just a nigga added to your tally but...


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