Pro Era – Emotionless Thoughts lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E.

(I fall in love, too fast)

[Verse 1]
This goes for Mrs. Whats-Her-Name
I know that something changed before the money came
But you got real Shady, Aftermath
I was passed reminiscing over our past
Claim you don't remember it
But went and told your friends in the most intimate details
Now you wanna censor shit
Trying to fix the bits and pieces of what's left of it
But even when it's fixed, it's so delicate
True love is so hard to find
And they say that once you found it you lost your mind
Even some of my niggas done grew apart with time
Truthfully I needed the space, you're far too kind
I guess I gotta let it be
Bagir said I gotta big year ahead of me
Jack told me that world will see eventually
Even my worse enemy is praying for the best for me
Dreams money could buy
When you fall in love and realize your love was a lie
And I guess that it was lust that flooded my eyes
Slim waist, thick cake, lovable thighs
I put that on the name of King
I'm a first class nigga, coach told "you ain't make the team"
Fuck chasing cheese
Homie, I'm chasing dreams
And fans make up for the rest like Maybelline
[Verse 2]
And I'm the bad guy yet again
Spend so much time tryna to find who the victim is
And if we put it in the eyes of the witnesses
I still get the blame for fuckin' up in the beginning, shit
You told me you was over that, grow up
And you say you saw us holding hands, so what?
If you can't look me in my eyes and respect me enough
Then I guess you getting left in the dust
With no feedback
Having late night conversations
Contemplating, both knowing that my time is wasted
Mood swings all time of the day
With childish behavior admit that I was kind of complacent
And knowing this could be the end of it
Three months and she still ain't send a hint
Now she fucking with the next nigga claiming it's her friend and shit
You really take me for that much of a fool huh?
I had bitches on hold for a long time
To hear the perfect reason to just give them the walk sign
So you could talk yo shit, I'mma talk mine
And hit me when you finish cause this is the fourth time
I've crossed your line when you crossed mine
You crossed my mind I'm just looking at lost time
I can't stress it no harder than this
And I forgot to tell you, karma's a bitch
High school girl be acting all retarded and shit
Ignoring my shit, I know you see me calling you, Miss
And if I called you a bitch, it must've slipped out
I got caught in the midst, and then you flipped out
Whitney hit the rock hard enough and stop getting loud and James is in a grave
So I'ma have to pull a Chrissy brown
I'ma laugh when they Rihanna yo ass
Because you love it when you binded and gagged right?
Remember that time in the bathroom?
I left it on your lower back like a tattoo
I'm just letting off mad fumes
And I'ma have to fill the shoes of this bad dude

[Outro: Capital STEEZ and Samples]

Beats for days
Beats for days
Beats for days
Beats for days

Joey! Wake the fuck up, nigga!

Be Safe

"I think its just such a magical process, you know? Like how when
You’re just putting these notes together, you know, and how its just
Certain combination of notes just really means something, sometimes
And…and, uh, sometimes you get lucky and just come across a few
Notes that just really work well together. And its just a magical
Moment, you know, as you’re discovering…"

[Piano begins]

"Marijuana Strains For Every Taste!
Snow White, Super Girl, Afghan Dreams, New York Diesel
Medical Marijuana equals Life. My Life
You smoke something like this, its just gonna lay you on the couch
And you really won’t be able to work for the rest of the day"
Getting high. Real high. Mmmmh. Lovely and Yummy and Mmmmh
Stay Tuned

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