Pro Era – Flight 13 lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E.

I ain't tryna talk shit, but um I-I heard you like that kinky shit, you know what I'm saying?
It's on the d-low though, so you don't got nothing to worry about, you know
I-I heard you like that-that foreplay
Know what I'm saying? But I, uh...

[Verse 1]
Yo, I get a little buzz now my inbox filled up
Honey bums, hood bums asking for beats, SHEESH
But back to the women, God given talent
Got a young nigga winning, relationship status change on Facebook
And now they all mad, and now they all sad
They calling me Kirk, she better be bad
But like I said, temptation's a bitch and I like her
And Im'a love her when it comes under the covers
So my cutty buddy, I love the pillow talk but I ain't tryna miss cutty
And all these words ain't implying that you're slutty
Aaaaah shit, she wanna chill again
And she can bring a friend, and she can bring a friend, and she can bring a friend
And now I'm fucking with it
Bill Clinton, no relations, don't fall in love with it
And Im'a make sure that your heart don't get bigger
And stop fronting and bust it for a young nigga
Come bust it for a young nigga
The lusting went to touching and the touching went to [x6, slowing tempo each time]
Foreplay [x10]

[Verse 2]
The touching went to something
I'm cyber and I'm lusting
She started fronting
I was like, "Don't play, cause I'm busting"
She said, "Not right now, and let's play around"
This means we not, Im'a just give her the finger and I'm out but
First, I gotta ask, "What the fuck is this about?"
She said, "I been watching you and you been watching me
But since we both here, Im'a see where this leads"
Before you start, I like to play with my muh'fucking food before I muh'fucking eat it, muh'fucking eat it
Now your friends left cause you taking too long
Then you all alone
But you gonna take all night, girl
It feels so wrong but it's right for a girl like you
Mascara hides your massacre
Vampire inspires your love tonight
She love the night, I swear to God she never get tired

The lusting went to touching and the touching went to foreplay
And it is quite amazing, but sex is what I'm aiming at
Inspired by a little bit of this, yeah, and a little bit of that
Just take a hint, and do the math [x2]
Take a hint
A little bit of this, a little bit of that

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