Pro Era – Florists lyrics

Album: PEEP: The aPROcalypse

Yes yes y'all, I delete
What? Hold up

[Verse 1]
Tangles and star banglers
Astral projecting through telekinesis messages the Creeper, the specimen
The man who's overly chauvinistic
Who bumps Madlib and scrap people with mad libs
A dish best served cold
Tote this bud, it's wiser to use blunt roll
Induce gas guzzlers
Mass of the dice cee-lo with mad hustlers
Now back to the nap raps where Grandma is slain for the fanny pack
Told the stashin and the fashion
It's the Creeper, stay flashin
Images and nudies of girls screamin, "cooties"
It's only cause I got the woodie
I just wanna get the cookie
This the type of shit I do in my sleep
The most slept on like the pillow plus the sheets
Most of these niggas think they hot shit
Get hit with the mic and come out with clean ass rap sheet
Weak emcees, I ate half of them
Like a male burp out chains like old cartoons burp out names
It's a Beast Coast veteran
Go ahead, let em in, check the regimen
Who you think you better than?
Nicer than me, Slow That Down, don't get clapped
Put them together, first letters, all caps when you say that
Man what you earn? More just than you earn
Might as well make your income the creases in the couches
Please learn, Man you wanna?
Yeah it's your turn to face this L like pussy eaters with gonorrhea
Let it burn, might as well be interracial
She said she love facials
Wait, hold on, come again
Hold on, bring a friend, you know shorty is a ten
The PE hooligans swing around then
Kirk Knizzy in the house, the Creeper all about
Ima show you what emceeing is really about
Like yes, yes y'all, I delete all
Make emcees withdraw from my left balls?
It get dramatic, screaming help
You can't take it, shoot yourself
I never address the ties, my nigga shoot yourself
Like sorry Ms. Waters, I can't take the rain
But beside the fact, man I'm glad you came
Next round, took out the pistol with a calcite crystal
Balance the shoe missels but no toe
It was all brittle
Thinking all schizo
After the fact she tried to call me "little"
Little did she know she let me hit for a nickel
Same color strand like the Skittle
Pitful, read her straight like a kittle
Water side-tracking Creeper stop slacking
Stop macking and nigga start straight attacking
This the type of shit I do in my sleep
Leader of the nap raps, my nigga pick thissssss

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