Pro Era – Flyin’ Lo lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E.

[Hook: T'nah]
There are times when you need someone
There will be times when you fly the skies to find (that one...)
Your time will soon some

[Second Hook: Capital STEEZ]
And that'll be great
If you could relate
That'll be great
If you could relate
[Verse 1: CJ Fly]
You're beautiful, minus the cutest clothes
May I interest you with more than the usual?
Put on the dress and heels, I'll wear something suitable
I gotta drive to make this work, cruise control
You're my everything, I put that on everything
Some will cross the Seven Seas to give you a wedding ring
Say our I Do's to the reverend
Get a dub while your house gets settled in
From then on I just hope that it never ends
I love you kind of rough for a gentleman
You're magnificent, still transitioning
Not into the simple things, something like a simpletons
And invest me cause I'm someone you'll gain interest in
With that said, I'm interesting
Don't give me no bits and pieces, give me all
I'm outgoing but expecting the incoming call from you

[Hook & Second Hook]

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
Look, I tried it once and noticed you hurt me
But I'mma make it to ya heart, slowly but surely
Your hair's curly and your tone is perfect
There's much more in store, I'm just hoping you're worth it
You're courteous and your curviness compliments your fitted dress
The type of woman that I'd never think to disrespect
Unless you wouldn't mind a hickey on your neck as we pass those beginning steps
It's one of those.. Chill kind of friendships
That shouldn't change shit if we french kiss
You can wear a French maid costume if you're truly interested
But you gotta save room for the mistress
Why you stressing miss?
You should know when I'm kidding but I'm saying let's spread some intention
And as a man I can't help to mention, this is more than just sexual tension
I got a Love Jones
(I got a Love Jones, I got a Love Jones, I got a Love Jones...)

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