Pro Era – I Still Love H.E.R lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E.

[A La $ole: Verse 1]
She got me open never thought I'd be infatuated
Met her at the age of seven at the pump my friends were racing
Until I heard a loud sound her voice was was making
It was very beautiful, smooth, rather persuading
She persuaded me to stay and listen to what she was saying
The verb begins with her mind had me exasperated
I knew if I had some patients, got to know her better
She would become important to the world she change forever
A couple years and her shape started to develop
Now I'm seventeen, different guy, kinda mellow
A star with afrocentric, pro black like Coretta
All about her own rights, expressing for the better
Wasn't the same from when I met her but we grew closer, we grew bolder
Did some things we wasn't supposed to
We were skin to skin nudest, with no intrusions
I conclude from my interlude, she was moving

[A La $ole: Verse 2]
As time moved on girl show me your new songs
It's all about the hood and how we always do wrong
Like taking soul for soles
Materialistic lives
She was blind to labels but she wasn't written deprived.
These things were in effect that she still show me affection
Her expression went down my neck to cause an erection
Her goal was to perfection but she got her point across
She been with a few niggas' but I still look past her flaws
Cause this girl, was deadly to society
She inspired me to describe her dichotomy
She wasn't my property but I claim her she apart of me
She'll be around forever so there's no departery
We will always make magic through this verbal us
She's the soul for my De La we buddy up
She's rocking with an original flavor swanky much
I still love your hips soul is hop with this love


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