Pro Era – Interlude 47 lyrics

Album: PEEP: The aPROcalypse

Bring the remedy

[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]
Let's escape into the universe
But let me show you how to do it first
Sit patient 'til you feel a tingling sensation
Don't start shaking, relax and try to take it
It's ecstasy, but mentally just let it be telepathy
Will guide what your eyes don't get to see
I start retracing steps cause your angel-esque
Could take a niggas' breath, and I ain't even got you naked yet
It all starts at the root
So let me drop my shoes when I step into your room
We could light the fumes and defuse, the incense
Blooming perfume, as the two of us defuse
So I approach it like let's do things I know you like
And we could shape shift to celebrities over night
You ready for the ride, I suggest you hold on tight
And wrap your legs around me like you riding motorbikes
You know I'm right, that's why you're laughing
But I'm not the one that's picking up your tab, miss
So relax, and you should have a drink or two
I wanna get inside you 'cause I'm already into you
Said I'm already into you
So what you wanna get into? What you wanna do?
'Cause one of us gotta make a move
[Interlude: Joey Bada$$]
So what you wanna do?
She said can I bring my girlfriend too?
It's on you

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
My chick classy, whenever she pass me
Give her that A List D though I fail her exactly
Give her the nasty, she give me a dynasty
We gon die nasty honestly, she quite fond of me
We light stupendous pounds of trees
Never found a seed, but we intrinsic beings
I surrender my blood for a splendid queen
She found her prince on the forensic scenes
Drawn out my heart, pouring out my liver organs
I like to lick her to kill her orgin
And stick it all in while we smoke an eigth
Used to joke for days, now I'm all in when I poke her face
Stroke her gracefully, if we ever apart
Know that in her heart it's a place for me
Ask about spacing me or replacing me
She ain't ever gon blast off without taking me

See girl, I got the Midas touch
Anything I touch turn to gold
So just suppose we was juxtapose and bust a pose
For those who know we close to bills like a Huxtable
Swear I can't get enough of you
Swear I can't get enough of you
Enough of you

[Verse 3: CJ Fly]
Only if she get the fly open, I'm taking off
Pushing buttons, you lightin up
Since I turn you on, you should take it off
True players know how to play their part
When you, being a stupid nigga still managed to break her heart
Ya'll broke up, now I'm who she roll with
Ya Xbox fun, I'll be the one to console it
Notice, I bet you ain't know this, I piped it
Now I'm her rifle owner got my shot and I sniped it
Snipping weeds, now our field grown
Would still screw an industry chick if she had her own deal though
A sergeant, so you know my shield gold
While I'm on tour girl, just keep your lips closed
They ask where I been, then I tell em I'm just gone
Across the nation
Don't disclose my location
I know you home waitin'
Meditate, then our spirits meet up in the matrix

[Verse 4: Kirk Knight]
And I ain't even plan it
Indeed, if a seed was planted
I would tearily pray for miscarriage
Savage in the world with church and with terrorists
Follow your heart, but the system will tear us
My third eye perceives that I can't perish
Simple, I'm a non-believer
Believe what you want, but I'm still wanted
And I can see trouble in your eyes you still want it
But fuck all that, I just wanna love you on a quantum level
Like protons and electrons or hydroelectricity within me
But come on, why you gotta be picky
I'm saying why you want to have pickney
Ciroc on top shots in my head initially
I forget about it all cause it don't exist in me
Browse your love, and I clear the history
And now it's just fuckin history
[Outro: Kirk Knight]

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