Pro Era – PantiE Raid Pt. II lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E. Vol. 2

Age ain't nothing but a digit
If you with it, with it
Hit my line we could kick it

[Verse 1]
Okay you're obviously brainwashed
Our time ain't the same watch
Waiting by your grandfather clock like that shit gon' stop for us
Expand your ocular
Push the grandaddy proper, uh
Whatever you do just please don't drop the stuff
Is it awkward love or is it proper lust?
I'm not whats just poppin' though I'm what's popular
I love it when you scream big poppa bear please stop
You know my animal style
Apex on top that latex gon' pop safe sex ain't a option
They be sitting on your chin like it's up for adoption
Give a fuck who watching
Guess who knocking the boots
A foul doctrine
Exactly what got me so into you
Don't tell your boo
You let that rap nigga in your gut
If he knew you like I knew you
Then he know you give it up
You know that vanilla thin lust with the chocolate chunk
Something like a strawberry and bury it up

[Verse 2]
Yo open up what's for lunch?
She said 47 flavors of that shit come rushing up
Got your blood flowing a pump lets quarrel for the nut
I got the woodstock
How much wood can a wood thot suck
What if the thot could guarantee she would
And that's a tad bit explicit
If its implicit lift the clitoris lip and kiss it
Listen to me, bust it for me magnificently
So devilish you magnify the Christian in me
Unexpected positions when we switching between
When its over you see the inner magician in me
Abra ka dagger and gag her
Ain't tricking if you got it, but she was tricking when I had her though
Woke up early cause I had to go
Early bird want the early worm
Yo I swear she so nasty yo
She like them nuts to taste pistachio
Always tell me papi don't let go you fantastico


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