Pro Era – That Gushy lyrics

Album: The Secc$ TaP.E.

[Verse 1]
Now you already know why I'm here girl
Come here girl, let me lick up on your ear girl
You say you got a man, well I don't care girl
Cause I'm right here, he way over there girl
You ain't even got to do shit
Two minutes, and already spot your juices
And that's just how I do this
Sex game stupid, she thought that I was cupid
And don't you fight it, I know you know you like it
Cause when the light flick, I creep inside your private
Talk, Victoria's Secret
She see the polo draws, she start to debriefing
She say she want the treatment right
I kiss up on her neck and hold the cleavage tight
Till it's evening time, we been at it all day
If your ex's ain't do it as good, they all gay
You can hit me always, I be free and all day
Treat that cookie like a rookie, I just want more play
Who taught you ? I know it ain't Yeezy
Ain't trying to say you sleazy but this was too easy
He a mogul and I'm a local, but in the bed I really go loco
Let's take a photo, put it in slo-mo
And come get up on this poco
Just give it to me
I want ya, I need ya (I'm Sayin Girl)
Just give it to me
I want ya, I need ya (Aye C'mere Girl)
Just give it to me
I want ya, I need ya
Just give it to me

Give me that funk, that gushy stuff
Give me that funk, that gush

[Verse 2]
Round 2, say the word if you can't take it
And I understand you into breaking
But no can do
Hey I 4x2, now come blow my flute
You know you look so cute, when you down there
Little to the right, yea around there
Perfect, I'm glad we past flirting
Before you wasn't certain when I was lifting up your skirt and
But now you squirting, at the same time I'm bursting
You look good on twitter but even better in person
I wanna take the time out to say that it was worth it
Your trip from NYC to out here in Burston, I mean Boston
I'm a MAC like your lip gloss is
Girl you so fine I wonder what the cost is
A Dime ? I'd give that ass a Milli
Coochie got the power, neutrons on my jimmy
Know you thought I was a kiddy and know that I wouldn't last
You'd thought it be a quickie, you probably even laughed, well
I bet you regret that you said it
I can tell I'm the bestest by how wet your bed is
She told me "Shut Up" and just let it ride
I'm like girl that shit fat how much you let it slide?
She sighed and replied "It was only like 5"
I'm like "Fuck it, girl just close your eyes" and


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