Pro Era – Wrecord Out lyrics

Album: PEEP: The aPROcalypse

[Intro: Ritty]
Pro Era, Flatbush, Danger Zone
Ha ha
Are y'all ready for this Danger Zone shit we about to drop
2013, 2014 bitches
Yeah, let's do it

[Verse 1: Nyck Caution]
Assume your own priorities
You Dorothy's are never going home, blowing O's, holding grips
I'm the shit, swank is on the overload
Rocking like a rolling stone, rolling stoned, racing through the Poconos
Hallelujah, Amen to you churchy women
I’m on my urban liven, smoking herb, and sherm up with it
Who thought, spiting rhymes would get me noticed, but it's
2pac was the one that showed me focus
And I never said that I could change the world myself
But if unite as possible, then we can flip an obstacle
Hand gestures, gangland ventures
Drowning in this liquor, hope you can stand pressure
High blood in a cut, 47 floors up
Engine is a buck, hope you revving yours
I’m important, omnipotent, God
Wizard of Oz just living in charge, it’s like
[Verse 2: CJ Fly]
It’s the Pro Era movement, name a chick who ain't with it
The biggest bigots biggin' up the illest by just listening
I’m lane switching, while my main bitch tripping
Y'all ain’t seeing me, cause I just got this tint
Emails get filled up, their egos get bigger
Hotels wanna bill us but we blame it on the dealer
For filling our rooms with the fumes we consume
She, gon' let me screw it, you know how I do
See Fly don’t take a chicks from the nest of the coop
They’re feeling loose like they stepped in my shoes
Ain't thinking nets and the hoops
Anytime I say I’m tempted to shoot
Put nothing, but hands on you, fools, like I’m just a masseuse
Soon as I step in the booth I be calling the shots
Getting nothing but visits like I harbored a dock
I’m unraveling knots like the man in the spot
This one for all my minors that be handling rock

[Verse 3: Joey Bada$$]
I emerge with that, philosophical, sprouted in a tropical
Climates, y'all a bunch of primates who ain’t climbing
Beware of the rhyming redesigning
Combining gorilla with lion, ain't lying
You can’t define them, he's a star aligning
And the shining has been past timing, so times in
I take this time out to write just how I feel
Let the pencil spill then I lyrikill, it gets critical
Y'all don’t deserve my shit, give y'all the pee pee
Bitches on my WeeWee can’t see me with 3D
On the same level as ET, why y'all make it so easy?
I’m just a snack rapper, getting greedy
I'd destroy your whole album with a EP
Like really? I don’t even a write, I do it freely
And don’t let the age fool you, cause you doodoo
I got your doll to do what I want like it's voodoo

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